8 kneeling stick figure free for download

Fill background with color:

Jumping Bowing Kneeling Clip Art at Clker. Praying Person Symbol Clip Art at Clker, Stick Figures Pictures for Classroom and Therapy Use Kneeling! Man Kneeling Praying Clip Art at Clker: Free Yoga Icon? . Praying Hands Prayer Stick figure Kneeling Clip art, Computer Animation Presentation Stick figure Clip art.
Jumping bowing clip art at clker com
488  3407  03-25  Binny 
Praying person symbol clip art at clker
392  1737  06-14  Krish 
Man praying clip art at clker com
257  4896  11-17  Daksha 
Praying hands prayer clip art
257  6606  01-16  June 
Computer animation presentation clip art
404  7813  04-12  Éclair